The HomeWrecker…

And no… I’m not talking about the season for an employee of a Minor League Baseball team.  Though I can understand how that could be misunderstood.

While Mike and the gear and the team were in Hagerstown and Hickory, I traveled to PA to see my family.  While in Greensburg one day, we went to Oliver’s Pour House on North Pennsylvania Avenue.  I had heard about Oliver’s, but never been there, so I was excited to try their food.  I went for broke and tried a burger called The HomeWrecker.

Did not wreck my whole home... just one room.

Did not wreck my whole home… just one room.

This is a classic burger with peanut butter, bacon, a sunny-side up egg and maple syrup.  It tasted as unusual as it sounds, but was still delicious.  Will I be making these myself at home?  No.  Will I go back and try it again?  Maybe.  I’d also like to try their Chicken Pesto Sandwich and the Bella Burger.

West Virginia returned home on April 21 to open a four game homestand against Delmarva.  The club lost the first game of the series 5-4, but won the next three before winning the first two on a road trip.  That five-game winning streak was the longest the team has put together this season.

An SAL Favorite- Lakewood's FirstEnergy Park

One of my SAL favorites- Lakewood’s FirstEnergy Park

On May 24 after the game, we hit the road for Lakewood.  FirstEnergy Park is always one of my favorite destinations, though I like it a little less now.  For years, I have raved about the Surf Taco stand out in right field.  Baseball America did a survey of ballparks and asked the broadcasters for the opinions.  I’m not one to shy away from that and gave them my rankings:

1. Lakewood’s FirstEnergy Park

2.  Greenville’s Fluor Field

3.  Asheville’s McCormick Field

I actually would rate our park third, even ahead of Greensboro’s NewBridge Bank Park.  Anyways…  Here is the link to the BA story:

Notice the comments about ballpark #22.  Wonder where they got that?  The kicker about it is that Surf Taco moved out this season.  It is now the Tuscan Bistro.  I skipped it out of principal.

I like Lakewood for another reason.  It is as close as I get to New York City, so my best friend will drive down from Long Island to hang out.  We golfed…

The place where golf was invented...  Ok.  Not quite.  But the foursome in front of use had been playing since then.

The place where golf was invented… Ok. Not quite. But the foursome in front of us had been playing this round since then.

And went to Surf Taco.

Baja Bowl with Mahi at Surf Taco.

Baja Bowl with Mahi at Surf Taco.

I’ll never have another bad day.

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