A fun thing to do in Hagerstown…

From May 14-17, the Power were in Hagerstown, Maryland, to battle the Suns.  I, however, was not scheduled to make this trip.  A desire to see my family in Pennsylvania for the first time since Easter made this a perfect trip to send our broadcast assistant on.  I’ve been to Municipal Stadium and Hagerstown multiple times, including once already this season.

Now…  I don’t want to throw anyone under the bus in this post and, apparently, this was an early theme of the trip to Hagerstown.  Not getting thrown under the bus, that is…


Pardon the spelling… We ain’t gud at that somtmes.

The team left at 8 am.  I got a text and then a call just after 11 am.  The broadcast equipment was left in Charleston.  I thought about it for 10 seconds, packed up and left Appalachian Power Park.  After tossing things into a suitcase (I was leaving Friday morning for PA and was not packed), I hopped on I-79 racing north.

Shortly into my unexpected trip, our manager, Brian Esposito, texted me to say he heard I was making a nice, leisurely drive to Municipal Stadium.  Is 85 mph leisurely?  Yes… I did speed a little.  Hagerstown is four and a half hours away.  It was noon and game one of the doubleheader started at 5:00 pm with a 4:45 pregame.

I made one stop along the way and got to the ballpark at 4:30.  We were set up and on the air right on time.

As for the mistake, things happen.  I was offered gas money, the whole trip’s per diem or a first-born child as a thank you.  None of that was needed.  Hopefully karma will repay me with not forgetting the gear somewhere.  Or perhaps the assistant will remember this and repay the favor to someone working for him down the road.


As mentioned, I’ve been to Hagerstown a few times.  I will not rehash my feelings, but I will say this much: that town and fan base, what is left of it, deserves a commitment.  The ownership has waffled and been ready to walk (or take a leisurely drive as it were) to any other city that will build them a ballpark.  I get that.  This business is about being sustainable.  It is tough to be a relevant product in that ballpark.  How many fans has the desire to leave cost them?  in 2010, my first year in the league, the Suns drew 2,058 fans per game and this was just before the rumblings of leaving town.  This season, the Suns are announcing crowds of less than half that.

Hagerstown has great history and deserves a team…  perhaps a new park and a short-season club as I have mentioned in the past.  At the least, commit to the city and they will commit to you.

During our April trip, I was looking for a new restaurant to try on getaway day.  The interns recommended Karu Peru.  I saw a similar concept on Restaurant Startup on CNBC.  Full, half and quarter rotisserie chickens with sides.  They have the rotisserie right in the restaurant, pull the chicken off the spit and carve it up in front of you.

FullSizeRender (5)

This is a unique concept and I think could work in plenty of places.  Whatever Peruvian seasonings and sauces I ate, however, made this place a winner.

FullSizeRender (6)

I hope it is open in July when we head back and doesn’t go the way of the place across the street from Jerry’s apartment in Seinfeld.


Great food and good karma (I hope this post doesn’t ruin that).  I’ll never have another bad day.

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