Back on the wagon… Or is it off the wagon?

Baseball season is a tough time for a broadcaster to stay healthy (or get healthy).  I learned during my first couple seasons in the industry that a person can gain 10 to 15 pounds very easily by not watching what they eat and not exercising.  Very easily…

Pecan pie from Troy's in Rome, GA... more to come.

Pecan pie from Troy’s in Rome, GA… more to come.

Once Lebron James said he went carb-free and the pictures surfaced on Twitter, I vowed that I would go carb-free.  And then I looked at what that cut from my diet.  I changed my diet vow to low-carb and I’m now shooting for 50 g per day.  My plan was to try one day… and then try the next.  I’m on day six as I type this and still going!  

Most people, I think, would say I don’t need to lose weight.  I’m not really trying this to lose weight, though I wouldn’t complain if I shed 7-10 pounds of baby fat.  By baby fat, I mean all the delicacies of the 2014 Minor League Baseball season.  

Warning: This post is about to turn into a flashback episode of my summer in food…  All the food that didn’t make it into a Minor League Kerouac post at any point.

This blog started in 2013 to chronicle my travels.  Most guys (broadcasters) spend very little of their per diem on food and pocket the rest.  Players and coaches are different (as covered in this post earlier this season).  I chose to spend the money allotted to me to be well fed.  We travel to 13 cities that are very unique with a variety of culinary experiences.

Here are some of the dishes that didn’t make the cut… but I ate anyways!

Mahi bowl at Lakewood's Surf Taco Stand

Mahi bowl at Lakewood’s Surf Taco Stand

One of my favorites and I wrote about it last summer.  I actually skip the free press box food and eat this twice per trip.

Gyro plate from Sarah's Kabob Shop.

Gyro plate from Sarah’s Kabob Shop.

While in Greensboro, a Power staff member was in town shadowing the Hoppers staff for a day.  He had a car and asked where I wanted to go.  I picked Sarah’s Kabob Shop… TripAdvisor’s number one restaurant in the area.  Sarah’s Kebob Shop’s website

Root Beer sauced brisket at EVO Public House

Root Beer sauced brisket at EVO Public House

I tried a few places while in Delmarva.  It was during the World Cup, so priorities were good food and multiple televisions.   The brisket actually shut my jaw down for a few hours (I suffer from TMJ).  After a chat with’s Keith Law, he suggested I go another route at EVO.  A recipe of their custom ground beef, house-cured duck confit, and gruyere cheese with onion jam and a rosemary garlic aioli… and sweet potato fries.

Duck confit-topped burger at WVO

Duck confit-topped burger at WVO

He was absolutely right.  It was like Top-Chef-meets-the-best-burger-I-may-ever-eat.  More on EVO Public House

Rome had a few entries.  I’ve already extolled the virtues of Harvest Moon Cafe and Jamwich.  At the ballpark though, they have two notable “delights”. 

Rome's famous BBQ sundae.

Rome’s famous BBQ sundae.

They also have a food truck outside with Philly cheese steak or chicken flatbreads. 

Available with homemade chips and gooey cheese.

Available with homemade chips and gooey cheese.  Yes please.

While in Rome, their broadcaster was kind enough to help me continue my best BBQ pursuit and took me to Troy’s (the best barbecue in the city I hear).

photo 3 (2)

My plate consists of pulled pork BBQ, green beans, fried okra and a cornbread muffin.  It was very good, but still doesn’t knock off Willie’s Almost famous in Lexington.  With only Lexington left on the road this season, Willie’s has claimed the crown.

I closed the meal at Troy’s with some pecan pie.  Pecawn?  Pecaaan?  Doesn’t matter.  It’s gawn… gone.

Shrimp and Grits from First Watch in our home city.

Shrimp and Grits from First Watch in our home city.

Even when I’m home, I still over-indulge.  Time to get back on the wagon…  or off it.  I’m registered for a half-marathon in February… and maybe a few 5K’s along the way.  Time to get in shape.

Maybe one last treat though?  From a great deli in Lakewood perhaps?

That there is a cheesecake canoli.

That there is a cheesecake canoli.

I’ll never have another bad day.

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